"One more time for the world some more"
Review by Greger Rönnqvist

One More Time For The World Some More is the second release in the One More Time For The World series. The first album was based around Hans Annéllsson's own instrumental compositions. The second album is based on vocal dominated covers of original songs from Beatles, Brian Eno, Genesis, King Crimson, John Lennon, Yes and Frank Zappa. John Marshall Gibbs is doing a fine job with the vocals.
   This album is like a "blandband" (selected various music put together on a cassette) from my personal record collection, with many of my favorite songs, only that Hans Annéllsson and his guest musicians has interpreted them. Hans is mentioning in the CD-booklet that: Other possible titles for this record could have been "Songs You Shouldn't Cover" or "Covers From Hell".
   But one shouldn't forget about Hans' five own compositions on the album. They are really good in their own right. Who can resist Frank Zappa's What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?, Brian Eno's Here Come the Warm Jetz or any other of the songs on this CD.
   Perhaps this album could work as a party album for die-hard progressive rock fans. It's like a "Metal Marathon" album for progressive rock.

Greger Rönnqvist 2002-07-15
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