"One more time for the world"
Review by Greger Rönnqvist

Hans Annéllsson is an intelligent musician and composer, born in Sweden in 1957. His big influences seem to be the musical geniuses Robert Fripp/King Crimson, John Cage and Frank Zappa. Hans has played as a solo artist and with Swedish bands such as Press, Mobile, Savoy and The Void Minimalistic Orchestra.
   Until very recently I had never heard of the man and his music, but I found his name on the Internet, started reading and became really curious. Now I've got his album One more time for the world in my hands, and this is really exciting.
  The album contains mainly Annéllsson's own songs, but also some John Cage, Fouré, Robert Fripp, Meek, Frank Zappa and Mats Öberg compositions. The music is a blend of John Cage, King Crimson, Lars Hollmer, Mats/Morgan and Frank Zappa.
  Hans plays the main part of the instruments, but there are also some guest appearances on some songs. Among them are the extremely talented Morgan Ågren (drums) and Mats Öberg (synth and harmonica). Together with Morgan he's doing a magnificent versions of King Crimson's Red. This is a really interesting album, especially if you're a fan of Mats/Morgan and Frank Zappa. You ought to check it out!

Greger Rönnqvist 2002-07-15 
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