"One more time for the world some more"
Review by Roberto Lambooy

With this Annellsson offers us a collection of tracks that are mostly covers of progressive tracks (nine out of sixteen, music from the likes of Yes, Zappa, Eno and King Crimson), a couple of Beatles tracks and five out sixteen of his own songs. His own material is sort of electronic stuff, pretty happy, not all that interesting.
   What I found the most fun about this CD, is listening to it, and trying to pick out the original. This may not always be as easy as you might think, considering that not all chosen tracks are the obligate ones, and his renditions are interesting at times, to say the least.
   Unfortunately, that game goes just once, and what's presented doesn't really warrant another play after that. This is one to give a listen to for the hack of it, but it's not something you put on to listen to.

Roberto Lambooy, Sep 2002  
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