One More Time For The World Some More
Review by Jedd Beaudoin,

Anyone who transforms Prince Rupert Awakes into a dance-floor delight and creates the illusion (perhaps unintentionally) of Phish covering Close To The Edge deserves your attention. At times it feels like this is a collection of covers a close friend has pieced together and given you as a gift.
   And, I suppose that in a way it is: it's clear that Annellsson truly loves each of these songs and has been careful to transform each into something that's always nothing less than beautiful. Krimson's Fracture, Magical Mystery Tour (if you have to ask who wrote this one, please go away right now) and the Genesis track Afterglow prove the most successfully transformed, while the Lennon/Ono track Woman Is The Nigger of the World and Eno's Here Come the Warm Jetz prove less obvious victories.
   It's arguably the most joy-inspiring release of the year (thus far) and anyone who says otherwise just doesn't know how to have fun.

Jedd Beaudoin 2002
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