"One more time for the world some more"
Review by Andrew Greenaway

If memory serves, Hans' Swedish version of Penis Dimension (Penisens Storlek) on his debut CD (Tra-La-Larsson) was something that FZ gave the okay to not long afore he shuffled off this mortal coil. His cover of The Black Page (which sounded similar to Frank’s Synclavier version) and backwards version of Oh No from the same album, and subsequent rendition of Uncle Meat (from Du Är Min Sötsak), pretty much tell you what Mr Annéllsson is all about.
   Add to that the pleasant vocals of one John Marshall Gibbs and a collection wacky, yet faithful interpretations of mainly 70s English prog-rock songs, and you have this jaunty little affair — guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of an old fart like me.
   Actually, some of the plinky keyboard translations of Steve Howe's guitar parts had me laughing out loud. And my kids have even started singing along to the one FZ song here — ordinarily they'd be telling me to turn it off; must be the munchkin vocals.
   Having said that, musically Hans' own songs (instrumentals like the up-tempo rocker Anabolic Parabolic) are some of the more interesting items here. So include this CD on the list of great exports from Sweden — alongside Tony Rickardsson and Ikea.
   (NOTE: This is the second in a series that will of course continue with Return Of The Son Of One More Time For The World. You can order it from www.recordheaven.net and/or www.cdbaby.com.)

Andrew Greenaway, www.idiotbastard.supanet.com, Sep 2002  
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